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Acrobats - features a phenomenal set of stunts performed by a strikingly costumed solo artist or male and female team. Flips, lifts, precarious balancing and displays of super human strength are all part of the amazing demonstration. Appropriate for larger venues, this stage show is accompanied by music and varies in length.

Psychics – features the uncanny insights of one of our gifted psychics. Using a crystal ball, tarot cards, palmistry, astrology or the wigi board, your child and his or her guests will learn their fortunes at birthday parties, sleep over's, or family events. Costumed and in character, our psychics entertain older kids with their positive and uplifting predictions regarding relationships, careers, or the financial status that lies in their future.

Mimes – feature the strolling entertainment of one of our classical mimes as they mix and mingle with your guests at all kinds of events. Older kids and adults marvel at the mime's ability to communicate his thoughts and feelings on most any subject without the use of a single word. The mime draws individuals into conversations for the amusement of everyone. This clever and witty presentation adds a unique aspect to any occasion.

Living Statues - features the appearance of one or more of our extraordinary living statues who hold their pose for an uncanny length of time, until they decide to shift for the pleasure of their onlookers. Trees, classical Greek statues, Mermaids, robots and historical figures are but a few of the theme choices that will add a touch of class to your event.

Bubble Artist – features a demonstration by our skilled and inventive bubble maker who will delight a younger audience with the blowing of huge bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, objects and even kids inside of huge bubbles. This magical spectacle is ideal for kids 3 – 7 years old and offers a different kind of party entertainment.

Hip Hop Dance Troupe – features a performance of a professional troupe of hip hop dancers who will display their cutting edge moves and choreography at events such as bar/bat mitzvahs, school dances, private and corporate family parties. After thrilling the audience with their set, they may invite guests to come on the dance floor to learn a combination of moves. After a few practice runs, they crank up the music and all together deliver a high energy performance.

Hula Dance Party – features an exotic hula performance by one or more of our authentically costumed Hawaiian dancers at private parties or themed events. Following the performance, the dancers may instruct your guests in various hula dance steps, explaining the meaning and significance of each move as they go. After a bit of rehearsal, the music is cued up and the whole party can join in the joy of the hula.


Boston Birthday Party

For your child's next Boston birthday party celebration, why not give them the gift of imagination made possible by Birthdayworks and our wonderful array of talented entertainers. With a Boston birthday party planned by our specialists, your son or daughter can explore the thrilling world of creativity and imagination. When it comes to presenting a Boston birthday party that will long be fondly remembered by your child, we have almost any genre of kids entertainment you may desire, from a top of the line Boston clown or Boston magician to a fascinating storyteller or kids musician. Our fairytale princesses, pirates and many other characters are available to conduct an enchanting Boston birthday party in your home or other party location all over Southern New England. Browse the photo galleries here on our website, to see the many other Boston birthday party professionals we provide.

Boston birthday party inspires your youngster's imagination

Parents are well aware of the importance of imagination to a child's development. Recent studies have shown that children who are encouraged to imagine and express their creativity do far better in both school and among their peers. Later in life, these youngsters' ability to "think outside the box" enables them to enjoy meaningful and lucrative careers. It's no wonder that an increasing number of mothers and fathers are turning to the imagination-rich entertainment offered by the Boston birthday party division of Birthdayworks.

With a Boston birthdays party, both the birthday boy and girl, as well as his or her guests, are assured an experience rich in fanciful delight and creativity. The moment one of our highly professional Boston birthday party entertainers enters the room, youngsters are welcomed into a magical realm of awe and surprise. Each host represents a world of storybook excitement whether a beautiful fairytale princess, colorful clown, or amazing magician with a thousand tricks up his sleeve.

Boston birthday party creates worlds of wonder

Each Boston birthday party professional does a superb job of continuing and embellishing upon this wonderful theme. The children' imaginations are inspired and nurtured through a whole schedule of fun filled activities. For instance, with the Boston birthday party princess program, guests are encouraged to create imaginative worlds of play and even conjure scenes and stories that fit into these thrilling unseen environments.

In addition to being encourage to come dressed-up in their own special princess attire, our Boston birthday party princess program offers a full spectrum of imagination to entertain and enthrall all of the participating children. A typical princess party extravaganza includes storytelling, sing along, games, balloon artistry, and a grand ceremonial cake cutting.

There is no doubt that our princess party birthdays can be a great way to build upon your child's instinctive affection for all things imaginative and fun. As a result, your boy or girl will long value his or her Boston birthday party as a highlight of their childhood experience.

Along with princess themed-parties, our premier Boston birthday party entertainment offerings include leading novelty acts, magicians, clowns, storytellers, jugglers and face painting artists. We are proud to offer one-stop shopping for your party planning needs.

Discover the joy of a Birthdayworks Boston birthday party today

Why not feature a Boston birthday party for your child's next celebration? Be sure to learn more by visiting us here at and then call our knowledgeable party planners to schedule your entertainer.