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Comedy Magic Show + School Stage Show+ Strolling Magic + Grand Illusion

Birthday Party Magic Show – features an amazing set of tricks and illusions performed by one of our highly skilled magicians. The children, especially the birthday boy or girl, are always invited to come up and assist the magician as he delivers one surprise after another to his attentive audience. Some shows feature adorable live animals in their repertoire. Each presentation is full of comedy which makes the party experience all the more fun for everyone. This 1 hour program includes the 40 minute show followed by 20 minutes of balloon animals and accommodates up to 20 children. For larger groups, this program can be modified.

School Stage Show – features a 45 minute presentation in which the magician performs a series of astonishing tricks and illusions that leave young audiences in a state of wonder. Children are asked to come on stage and participate in achieving the results of a given trick as the crowd erupts in cheers and laughter. Shows are geared toward the general age of the audience and range from kindergarteners to teens.

Strolling Magic – features close up card and coin tricks, floating silks, and the many other unique inventions of our clever magicians. Private parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, fairs and festivals, weddings, and corporate events are all ideal occasions for such a mind boggling display. Guests of all ages will appreciate the trickery and seasoned showmanship provided in this presentation.

Stage Magic Show – features a full scale stage performance which employs large props and a repertoire of complex tricks and illusions. Some of our well reputed magicians have a beautiful female assistant to saw in half and levitate. Others use live animals, while others hypnotize audience members and make them the laughing stalk of the show. We have exceptional stage shows designed especially for children ages 12 and younger.


Magician Boston

Magician Boston of Birthdayworks entertains kids and adults with thrilling programs for birthday parties, and events of all kinds. Available for bookings throughout the entire state, our magicians in Boston area are top professionals who have established reputations for their excellent skills and unique presentations. Whether you are seeking a magician Boston for your child's birthday or need a full scale stage show for a corporate event, we are the company to turn to. Our website here at displays a photo gallery of our Boston magicians and offers information about their programs and our company's other services as well.

Magician Boston birthday party program

A Magician Boston birthday program features a 45 minute show in which one trick and illusion after another is performed to the amazement of the young audience. Each magician Boston adapts his show to the general age of the group, keeping his tricks simple and humorous for the younger ones and more mystifying and sophisticated for older children. Audience participation is emphasized in kids' shows and the birthday boy are girl are given the spot light as the magician Boston assistant. Following the show, our magician Boston makes balloon hats, animals or flowers for the kids as a party souvenir.

Magician Boston Stage Shows dazzle and puzzle

If you seek a magician Boston for a stage show in the school auditorium or on stage in a rented hall, we have a roster of magic acts that can fulfill your needs. Using illusion equipment to demonstration a repertoire of dazzling tricks, each magician Boston has a highly skilled presentation that was years in the making. From the classic "saw the beautiful assistant in half" to the original levitation stunts developed through intensive practice, our magicians in Boston area never fail to puzzle their audience.

Magician Boston close up magic for high school and college crowd

Events such as proms, graduation night, college fraternity parties and the like are cranked up a notch by the presence of a magician Boston strolling among the crowd while demonstrating his series of awe inspiring tricks and illusions. Always interactive in style, the magician's secrets leave a lasting impression on participants. We provide top professionals in the art of sleight of hand and you will not be disappointed by one of our own.

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