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Birthdayworks offers several caricature artists for children's events of all kinds. Each has his or her own style of creating humorous portraits of your guests one by one as onlooker enjoy watching the process. Our artists can incorporate a special theme into each drawing upon request. They work in various mediums both in color and in black and white. Fifteen black and white caricature portraits on 8 ½ x 11 inch velum paper can be drawn in a 1 hour program Ten colored portraits on 8 ½ x 11 inch velum paper can be drawn in a 1 hour program For larger groups extra time is added as needed. Mats and frames are available for an additional fee.


Boston area Birthday Party

With a Boston area birthday party brought to you by Birthdayworks you can realize the two most important aspects of the event: quality and reliability. When you book your Boston area birthday party planned by Birthdayworks you will be welcoming the best in birthday party activities conducted by truly professional entertainers. Whether our Boston clowns or magicians, kids costumed characters or caricature artists, you will be joining a growing number of parents who realize they have made the right choice. Our roster of professional Boston area birthday party performers and artists are among the areas very best in all regards.

Boston area birthday party exceeds expectations

As parents, we've all been there. You hire entertainment for your child's birthday party and something just seems to be lacking. Perhaps it is performance quality - the clown or musician is "okay" but doesn't really connect with your child and his or her guests. We strive to provide Boston area birthday party entertainers who bring real excitement to the festivities. Well planned programs, delivered by skilled artists, are the key to success.

Our princess parties, for example, feature a full schedule of fun activities. The Boston area birthday party event is led by a charismatic, and beautiful actress who is experienced in conducting princess themed games, face painting artful designs for each and every child, as well as producing colorful balloon sculptures as souvenirs. She invariably charms the group with singing, storytelling and acting her role with grace and mystique. With a Boston area birthday party by Birthdayworks, you can take pride in having a party host who is an expert in working with children to create an experience that will long be cherished by all of the participants.

With Boston area birthday party, you are getting the best

AT Birthdayworks our performers in other genres of Boston area birthday party entertainment have well developed programs to suit all age groups and preferences. From our clowns who specialize in simple magic shows suited to the three, four and five year olds to our Boston area magicians who have repertoires that thrill and amaze the older kids and adults as well, we have more choices of talented professionals than any other New England area booking agency. Just browse our photo galleries to see the many colorful people who make up our company.

Customize your Boston area birthday party with a range of exciting themes

With our wealth of Boston area birthday party entertainers, we usually can provide an act to suit your particular theme. Whether a large corporate event or an at home celebration our kids birthday party costumed characters, circus performers, kids musicians and DJ's, and caricature artists will adapt their programs and costuming (whenever possible) to your specific needs. Discuss your ideas with our party planners.

Discover the wonders of Boston area birthday party

Interested in learning more about our Boston area birthday party programs? Our website here at shows the options available in each category and the photo gallery displays our roster of talented performers. To reserve your party, call: